No Longer Silent

I am writing this post with a heavy heart.  Those of you who know me well understand I think things through before I take action.  I try to weigh the positives and the negatives of every situation.  Many events this year have left me befuddled yet I chose to remain silent.  I chose to take the high road and just close doors while opening others.  So WHY after all this time am I breaking my silence?   I have, personally, once again had something taken from me which I worked to achieve.  If this is happening to me and other people I know, then I feel it is time to state the facts as to my situation to perhaps protect others from falling victim to the unscrupulous tactics of this company.

The Final Straw

On June 8th, 2012 I got one of those pleasant emails announcing I had received affiliate income in to my Paypal account.  After checking it out, I realized it was from CTP.  Since I had not been promoting CTP since April, this was definitely a surprise.  But I had built a downline of 50+ members with several TE owners in the mix, so it looked like I would still earn some monies from the system.  And, that is what affiliate marketing is all about – earning tomorrow for the work you do today.  On July 18th, I got the inclination to check my CTP account and see if there had been any commissions earned for July.  Guess What?  My downline of 50+ members are completely gone.  Only one lonely random referral remains.

ctp downline revisedAggravated but not panicked I sent a letter to TT support.  I made a simple and short inquiry. (Read from bottom up)

Support Ticket

Since I was not satisfied with this answer, I inquired more but it seems support does not know the answer and has no intentions of finding out. (Read from bottom up)

Support Ticket 2

(Note – I have sent one more support ticket asking for more information and a personal letter to one of the owners.  As to the writing of this post, there has been no response.)

I signed up for CTP the night it launched, January 31st, 2011.  I immediately purchased the Lifetime offer that night.  Why would the support person think my account had been deleted?  I have been a strong supporter of CTP and TT, as you can tell from this previous blog post from a year ago,  promoting their system and products while spending over $1000 with the TT company over the last year.

For those of you who may not know, this is not the first time TT has taken something that belonged to me, my business partner and the members of our traffic exchange.  On April 25th, 2012, TT removed all of our CTP badges from my account.  This happened without notice, even though the badges had been paid for and our hosting bill was current.  This not only affected us but every single member who had collected our badges.

When investigating the cause of this sudden removal, we were informed by TT Support:

Skypeskype 2

All of this happened within hours of us announcing we would be offering the ADOne-Ten stickers as another reward system for our members.  We never had intentions of removing badges as many of our members enjoyed collecting them.  We wanted to offer many reward options to our members to make surfing more pleasurable.  We were not given any warning that having stickers meant we could not have badges.  I checked the terms of service and I did not see that we had violated any of the terms.

Terms of ServiceThere have been additions to the terms of service since April but there is still nothing which addresses the issue of not being able to offer other reward systems.  Additionally, there are other exchanges which do offer both so why was our exchange singled out.

Although I would not wish the pain and drama that my friend and partner Jolynn and I endured during the time immediately after our badges were removed and our TE was taken out of the CTP advanced training program, the outpouring of support that we received from our members and from other business owners was overwhelmingly positive.

As I mentioned, I had, in the past, been an avid supporter of the TT programs and systems.  After having products and downline members removed, I will no longer support anything this company markets online.

What are the positives to this post – It is my biggest fear that what has happened to me will continue to happen to others.  It is very disheartening to have the work you put in destroyed.  I have learned a lot over the last 6 months.  The Internet is a BIG BIG World and I have found many great people who are hard working and honest.  I can only hope if you read this, you will take time to explore other venues for earning and advertising YOUR business.

What are the negatives to this post – I am sure there will be some.   My sole intention is to inform people of the actual circumstances which have been inflicted on myself, my business partner, and our site.  Hopefully the knowledge I have shared will save some of you from experiencing what myself and my business partner have gone through. If yes, then the positives will far out weigh any negatives.

I thank you for your time and support.  Jolynn and I will continue to work hard to help you build your business and to provide new and interesting ways to advertise.

Success Is A Journey, Not a Race!


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82 Responses to No Longer Silent

  1. It is sad when a “reputable” company treats their customers in such an unprofessional manner. And the really sad thing is, more TE owners and surfers are being lured in expecting great things and we know in the future they will face the same heartache as the Hot Flash Hits gals and numerous others. Timtech should be ashamed of themselves!

    • Catherine says:

      You are right Jon,
      but the heartache we faced taught us some good lessons.
      Thanks for always being there when we needed you buddy.

  2. James Dias says:

    I can’t tell you ladies how sorry I truly am. That anyone would even remotely think this is an ethical way to treat people that have worked as hard as you two have. Your support to any program you believe in is amazing. You ladies have done very well taking your own path. It’s not the easiest way of doing it but it is a road less traveled. And for that I commend and respect you very highly.

    Make no mistake I love watching you all continue to grow regardless of the programs deleting your progress you earned. It goes to show that your progress is just that it’s your hard work and your reputation.

    James Dias

    • Catherine says:

      You have no reason to be sorry.
      You have been nothing but up front and
      answered every question Jolynn and I asked
      of you before we made the decision to add stickers.

      Your product is affordable with actual value
      to the members. Plus, the members love them.

      We are proud to be part of the “Sticker Club”

  3. Amen Cathy so glad to see the truth finally come out many of us have been wronged by them in the past but we did not act like children and throw tantrums like some do. Its such a shame they did this to you girls they really messed up what could have been a great business relationship with you girls. Because one day Hot Flash Hits will be one of the TEs at the top of the list. Better to have found out early what they were really like then to find too late. I feel sorry for the ones who on these guys ethics and way of business thinking. They had some great products to offer till they let their egos run the company. I think their followers should read up on some of their old stuff from a year or so ago they will find a lot of contradictions as to what they tell their members today.

    • Catherine says:

      Yes Mo,
      I saw them belittle you and stood by and did nothing.
      You and I have talked about it but let me publicly
      give you my sincerest apology for not having your back
      way back then.

    • thanks cathy i knew it was basically everyone didnt know the whole story just their side of the story and i was a little te owner and knew if i said anything i would be the bad guy because they are the big owners and supposed to be so great

  4. Sorry you had to go thru this… It is hard to know you looked up to people only to be let down. Although, I didn’t experience all you have, I did feel quite let down. I know you guys are strong and your business is growing well. Much success!

  5. Removing your downline members without any notice or reason given by the Admins of ANY site is nothing short of stealing. Support Ticket responses such as those you received, Cathy, are in a word, rude. This type of activity in a Traffic Exchange or any program that encourages affiliates to refer members to a site, ruins not only that site’s reputation, but adds a shadow to all program owners with the question being “If I build a downline, will it be taken away from me?”

    These people should be ashamed of the way they are doing “business” and I would not promote their sites on any of mine. My Members are too valuable to me to expose them to this horrible, unreasonable treatment!

    Thank you for NOT remaining silent, Cathy! And you and Jolynn both have my sincere sympathy that you were treated so rudely and unfairly!

    • Catherine says:

      Thank you Patti,
      I agree we need to protect our members
      which is one reason I felt it was finally time
      to speak out.
      I just want to get the facts out there since
      many people still think it was our choice to
      remove the badges. It was NOT, they were
      taken without notice.

  6. This is very disturbing.

    Disclaimer: I love most of Timtech’s products, I’ve always had stellar support in relation to those products, and I’ve always liked the people behind those products.

    But their response to anyone doing business with a particular competitor (Ad One-Ten) ranges from tantrums to threats to citing Terms of Service provisions that do not exist (hint: ClickTrackProfit’s terms of service were copied and pasted from StartXchange and to this very day they’ve forgotten to change at least one reference to that) to apparently just taking back (to put a finer point on it, STEALING, which ironically is what they’re accusing Ad One-Ten of) things that they sold and that have been paid for. I’ve been through at least part of the same drama wringer as you have with them, and it’s not pleasant at all.

    That’s not right. It’s a stain on their reputation. And it leaves paying customers on tenterhooks, wondering if they’re going to be allowed to keep using tools that they rely on every day.

    • Catherine says:

      Tom, as you know, I have always been an
      avid supporter of the company and the products.

      After this experience, there is no way I could
      continue to do that. I felt I lost part of my family
      without any explanation.

  7. Cathy and the Entire Hot Flash Hits team has always had my support and always will Hot Flash Hits will be a Burning Bright Star in the Traffic Exchange Horizon because you Gals fuel that star with Care and attention to business and to your customers that far surpasses anything out there.

    Keep moving ahead and I will see ya the top as well.

    Sincerely Monty Ferbert
    AKA The Richmouse.

    • Catherine says:

      Wow, thanks Monty.
      Your rave review is much appreciated.
      We aren’t going anywhere – you got two
      stubborn gals working harder than ever
      to build a quality site.

  8. Jackie O says:

    I’m very sorry this happened to ladies. You certainly did not deserve it. I know it was a difficult decision to put the truth of your experience out there and I thank you for having the courage to do that.

    I truly believe that businesses have to do what’s best for their members, and no one person or group should dictate what another business does or doesn’t do. Nor should there be “consequences” as you experienced.

    I applaud you ladies for putting your members first and building your business in an ethical manner. You’ve got the support of the TE community and have already built a reputation as being two of the hardest working ladies in the industry.

    Keep your head high as you move forward….I predict that only good things are ahead for both of you. :)

    • Catherine says:

      Oh Jackie,
      Boy you make a valid point.
      Never in my adult life have I been told
      I should have expected “consequences”.

      We will continue to support the TE community
      in a manner we fill is best for the industry.

  9. I am glad to be a member of Hot Flash Hits and I too was let down and disappointed by this whole situation. I thought long and hard about MY decision to delete all accounts held at any site that supports CTP/TT financially and have since said goodbye to CTP/badges/TT. I have seen alot of owners that I consider great friends taken advantage of and bullied and punished for what? Having a voice? I don’t understand why some can have both and others cannot. If they are going to “punish” one, why not “punish” all the others? Very unfair and in my eyes, bad business. Honesty and integrity will prevail and Jolynn and Cathy have both going for them! That’s why they are my friends and I will continue doing business with them and I know lots more will in the future.
    ~Proud member of the so-called Sticker Club~

    • Catherine says:

      I love it!
      You are a one of those valued members who did collect
      something which was just totally removed from your account.
      No notice – No reason
      I love hearing it from a surfers perspective…
      if you feel this was wrong then I know it was wrong.
      We listen to our members now and always will.

  10. Carl Bailey says:

    Hi Cathy,

    I feel for your situation, to say the very least…

    And, yes, I have been in those heavy shoes myself…

    Your post reminds me of one I wrote on Sep 7th of last year, after holding my tongue for much too long:

    Remember that one?

    Hang in there, Cathy,

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Carl,
      I remember your blog post very well.
      I hope my readers will take time to
      read it and the comments.
      It might open some eyes as well.

  11. veronica Smith says:

    Its good to finally see it in print. It was a sad day for me when TT and CTP pulled all the badges away from the members. They have been very unethical, sending some owners to spy on our chat. Jolynn and Cathy have always been honest and investigate before saying anything.

    I don’t know who would want to be affiliated with the programs of CTP with the unethical approach they use. As a matter of fact, The CTP badges was not originally the TT guys, so who is stealing what.

    I support the Ladies of Hot Flash Hits

    • Catherine says:

      Thanks Lady V,
      You have supported us from day one.
      It is members and friends like you
      that helped us weather the storm.
      Much appreciated!

  12. Steve Ayling says:

    The joys of turning your traffic exchanges into a big business.

    When you have a group of sites that big, you dont just need a support team and big big servers, you need to get a press room for official announcements.

    I think we will get an official TimTech reply very soon and a solution to this, Think some support team need replacing tho with those responses :(

    I’m pretty sure it was a mistake and they didnt mean it like that.

    • Hi Steve,
      I have to tell you it was Not the support team that answered My tickets when I was Banned for a comment made at the time the Ladies of HFH had their badges stolen from them… it was 1 of the Owners themselves & they were Rude & Childish, the Support person at TT was actually very nice to me in the 1 ticket he was allowed to answer… so I have to disagree with you… I do Not believe that the TT boys will Ever admit they made a mistake Nor will they apologize much less pay back the money owed to people like Cathy & Jolynn or myself.

    • Catherine says:

      Still no reply to my personal letter to one of the owners
      or to my last support ticket.

    • and you Won’t get one either Cathy… I’m still waiting for one too and it’s been Months now!!
      course they are too afraid to come right out & Tell me Why they banned me without Lying Sooooo… I’m Not holding my breath!! LOL

    • Catherine says:

      I feel NO Answer is the Answer Patti. I am very sorry for your troubles and loss. I know you have lost money and friends. It is such a shame the powers that be feel the need to draw a line in the sand.

  13. Cathy:

    I have always been a supporter of you, even before you owned a TE.

    My disclaimer is the same as Tom’s, BUT…..

    To get an answer like THAT, from what is supposed to be “Support”, is inexcusable and unprofessional. Not even a “We will look into this further to see what might have happened”…or something along those lines??? Oh, we’ve never seen this happen before, so…what…you’re SOL???

    I’m sorry, it just bugs the h*ll out of me reading this, and I am sorry this has happened to you.


    • Catherine says:

      It seems you and I have followed each other around
      the Internet the last few years.
      Thanks for being a supporter Ellyn and right back at ya.

      I believe we are just “SOL”

  14. Kaye Towne says:

    Cathy & Jo so sorry these guys are putting yall through this crap. I know for a fact they changed their TOS AFTER they removed your badges and AFTER they deleted several peoples accounts that had purchased the Lifetime Upgrade because I personally went and read their TOS and then a couple days I went back and they had completely edited the TOS and ADDED a lot to it that WAS NOT there when they did this to people.

    I find it rather Hypocritical they claim they are not doing business with anyone that is doing business with a program that “stole” their programming, when In FACT they stated themselves In Public that They Stole The Idea to Start With..

    My point of view is they are pointing fingers at others to try and cover up what they themselves have done (Stealing ideas & Code) I will state again as I did in public that I have Insider Info that they have been trying to Steal & Hack code from a mod someone else owns because she Will NOT sell it to them.

    It is plain as day they are trying to Bully and Force site owners and members to ONLY use their products and programs. They act as if they are Emperors of the Industry and all they do is run around screaming “Off With Their Heads”.

    Apparently they pay no attention to history and what happens to Tyrants (which is what they are) they need to take a good look at Kind John of England (magna carta), Ceasar and all the other Tyrants which were eventually over thrown buy their people.

    If people are so Blind that they continue to support and follow a Business that Bullies and Forces people to use or Not use products and services then they themselves are also Bullies and Tyrants because they ENABLE those people to continue Bullying others.

    I am disgusted by their behavior, it is unethical, immoral, Illegal and down right NON Christian. The fact that they put up a FACT Christian front just to pull blinders over their followers eyes is absolutely reprehensible.

    No Christian should behave the way these guys are behaving. Its shameful and anyone who supports them in my mind is just as bad as they are.

    Maybe they have hidden it from their followers but I have seen that the number of Site Owners and Members that have followed them has been demenishing. People who used to Fully support them No Longer Do So. Many People have left them behind and moved on to groups they can see by their actions are Trustworthy, Ethical, Friendly, Helpful and HONEST!

    They will become their own UnDoing Eventually. Sooner or Later their “Sheeples” will see through their lies and actually LOOK at the HARD PHYSICAL EVIDENCE of what they have done and are still doing to people.

    Oh and the comment that there is “no such thing as an internet bully” just goes to show how Unintelligent some of these guys are. They need to take a look at todays court cases. People HAVE been sentence to Jail Time for Bullying Others on the Net, Public Schools have rules regarding Internet Bully as well as the U.S. Government.

    Lets face it these guys thing they are GOD of the internet and can do whatever they want to who ever they want, whenever they want.

    Sooner or later they will run out of people to Screw Over. Oh and if anyone believes these guys will Actually Help you for REAL with something more than RUNNING their BIG MOUTHS, You better be prepared to Fork Out a Lotta Money first cause they ONLY help those that Spend Money with them and even after that if you do One Little Thing they Dont Like they will TAKE AWAY EVERYTHING YOU PAID FOR and REFUSE to give you a Refund!

    These guys are The Worst of The Worst on the Internet..oh and next time they tell you dont build a list and dont Sell Sell Sell..take a good look at their Membership Sites (Lists) and the number of times they send out a “Buy This Lifetime Upgrade” email.

    The are obviously practicing “Do as I Say and Not as I Do”

    If you continue to stick with this group as far as Im concerned you get what you deserve. What they have done to people has been made public. The people they have STOLEN from and SCREWED over have come out and told their stories.

    Maybe some people just need to Stop being “SHEEPLES” and start thinking for themselves and actually LOOK at the HARD EVIDENCE.

    Great Post and Sorry they STOLE from you AGAIN!

    Krazy Kaye Towne

    • Catherine says:

      WOW Kaye,
      You can tell this is a subject you are passionate about.

      I don’t think I can add anything to this but my favorite part is this:
      “If people are so Blind that they continue to support and follow a Business that Bullies and Forces people to use or Not use products and services then they themselves are also Bullies and Tyrants because they ENABLE those people to continue Bullying others. “

  15. Thanks for bringing these issues to our attention.
    It’s really sad that any of this ever occured.

    This is soo NOT COOL nor ethical…
    To Take away products you paid for
    To Take away referrals you earned
    To Take away badges that CTP members worked to earn
    all of this is Flat Out Dishonest and lame customer service

    All because you Think someone stole code from you. I say think
    because to I’ve never seen an ounce of Proof.

    • Catherine says:

      Randy you are one of the coolest guys in the industry.
      We can only learn from your example we will be doing great!

  16. Cathy,

    I am very sorry that TimTech has once again done something wrong to you, Jolynn, and your site! It took a lot of courage for you to finally speak out against them, but there has to come a time to say “Okay enough is enough!” The TimTech boys are a very unscrupulous bunch and have wronged so many people, but because people are afraid to speak out and tell the truth they continue to get away with all the “Crap” that they are doing to other TE Owners and members alike. Their behavior is totally unprofessional to start with, but they are also doing many things that are completely dishonest and can have legal action brought against them.

    I am very proud of you for doing what you did because I think others need to be informed of people/companies such as the TimTech boys. I think we as TE Owners need to protect our members and innocent people from being taken advantage of by TimTech and anyone else that want to practice business as they do. I feel bad for the newbies and the naive that follow them thinking that TT are looking out for their best interest and that is far from the truth. I personally no longer promote anything that TT owns and advise others to do business with ethical business owners and not with TimTech.

    I have had crap happen to me as well by the TimTech boys and it really upset me to see them treat you guys as they did because I know you were a very strong supporter of theirs. They only care about themselves unfortunately and they think they can do anything they want to whoever they want! And for them to say that the “Stickers” idea was stolen from them is a HUGE lie because I can name other sites that have similar products and have had them long before they had badges! They have NO right to dictate to anyone how or what they should do with their own business…I like you paid good money for our badges only to have them stripped away from CTP and stopped allowing them to be used.

    I am no longer upset about the badges or anything else though because I feel now that they did me a HUGE favor by showing their true colors. Now I know what type of people and business they run and I know now to completely stay away from anything that has the TimTech name on it! For that I say, “Thank you TimTech!”

    Cathy, you and Jolynn, your site and your members are much better off to be without TimTech and they products. Just chalk it up as a learning experience as I have, and you will rise above all of this! You gals are doing good and running an ethical business and that is all that matters. They are the losers, not you, or I, or the rest that have been wronged by them!


    • Catherine says:

      Thanks Marilyn,
      I was there the day you got booted from TE Live for
      poking the bear. All you did was ask an honest question.

      Again, I publicly apologize for not having your back at the time.
      You were disrespected and I stood back and watched.
      I am sorry, Marilyn.

  17. Beth Allen says:

    First, Cathy I appreciate your candor and bringing this to everyone’s attention.

    So many times, things just get left alone and then the culprits feel like they can
    get away with it to more and more people.

    Honestly, I have never been a fan of CTP, as I am promoting my 5 sites with the
    hard earned and paid for credits – not someone else’s site. So it was not
    beneficial to my business for me to proceed in that program.

    Understanding that people do like programs that I don’t; I have never bashed it,
    just quietly did not promote it or use it.

    Our industry is risky enough when purchasing services, with the chance of the owner
    shutting down out of the blue. We should not have to worry about having purchases
    for products or services from long time owners, that brag about all the “toys” they
    purchase, being taken away and not refunded just because you are building YOUR
    business and offering multiple choices for your members.

    I am truly sorry this has happened to such a wonderful team of hard working ladies.

    When running a business, support to customers is number 1 and you certainly prove to do just that. As well, its YOUR business, run it the way you feel is best; not what is dictated by people that just want your money, not for you to be successful.

    Keep your head up and continue to build YOUR business and always know you have my support.

    Beth Allen

    • Catherine says:

      Many can learn how to operate a reputable business
      by following your lead. I hope to get to work with
      you much closer over the years to come.
      Thanks for taking time to comment.

  18. Don Snyder says:

    Let’s break all this up with a Christmas story.

    Little Trevor got a shiny new blue truck for Christmas. He was so excited and he couldn’t wait to get back to school and show it at show and tell. Well that day came and he anxiously waited for his turn. The teacher let the children do their show and tell alphabetically by first name. Sonny just finished and Trevor new his time was near. It was then Steven’s turn. Steven walked up and lo and behold, presented the exact same shiny new blue truck that Trevor got for Christmas. Trevor immediately started crying up and began throwing a tantrum. he carried on so much that the other children decided that they really wanted nothing to do with Trevor since he was acting so poorly. After show and tell, many of the children hung out with Steve and played with his truck while Trevor just sat by himself sulking in a corner.

    The moral of this story is: children will do what children will do. And they ALWAYS do.

    • Catherine says:

      You have a unique perspective on life.
      Thank you for sharing it with us.
      Hopefully your analogy will hit home with some readers.

  19. WOW this is a shame and am so sorry this happened to you and Jo – it’s a shame that we all can’t be adults here and don’t people realize that competition is good. I know sites that have both and am not sure why you and your site should have been kicked out like that.

    In my opinion, buying a lifetime membership means that it’s always going to be there unless I die or heaven forbid the site goes out of business. I know there are different versions of the definition of lifetime has for someone.

    • Catherine says:

      Lifetime or not, why would my account be deleted?
      My mind reading ability is not that good.

    • I agree with Nancy fully on this one lifetime means lifetime I don’t care if a TE changes hands with Mousepoints if you buy a lifetime use the products transfer to the new owner whenever the TE is sold to the new owner why they can’t do the same thing is beyond me. But hey greed was every emperor’s undoing.

      Also to quote kaye quickly History will repeat itself We have a legal term called vandalism, it was invented when a german tribe called the vandals sacked Rome like it has never been sacked before.

      All I say is history is about to repeat itself.

  20. Aloha Cathy & Jolynn,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences on these unfortunate
    occurrences you have encountered with TimTech. This helps me and others make wiser decisions about where we spend our advertising dollars online and to be a bit more aware of where we do most of our business online.

    I’m also a bit disturbed and confused by some of these horrendous actions, the bullying that is so blatant and coming from some of the leaders of our TE industry,
    instead of setting and exemplifying the better good for all some are showing unethical schoolyard practices and spilling it out into the TE community via negativity about others.

    I try not to get to involved in others business, but alas when it affects me and
    some of my friends and biz partners , I feel the need to share my opinion on
    some of these matters too.

    Like some wise person said before “Don’t put all your Eggs into One Basket”.

    Again I have to say can’t there be more ALOHA for others. It is better on my well being and my biz I have now realized if I stay away from the negative forces in our TE community and to be around the positive ones, whom are there to genuinely help others and are enjoyable to be around.

    To Our Continued Success in 2012 and Beyond,

    • Catherine says:

      You are absolutely right.
      There are tons of great people who are honest
      and want you to succeed. There is no need to
      subject yourself to any negativity.
      Kudos to you for taking action.

  21. Tony Tezak says:

    WOW! It is absolutely shameful how you were treated. I really do not understand their business model of trying to destroy the hand that feeds them. I am so grateful for your speaking out and their bad behavior should not be tolerated any more by anyone. Speaking out against bullies is the only way to end this very sad saga in the TE world. I have never seen anything like this in my 13+ years in the TE World.

    I consider you and Jo among the very positive things to happen in the recent TE world. Keep up the good work! :)


    • Catherine says:

      I agree Tony,
      the time had come to speak out.
      I don’t want to watch this happen to
      my friends and colleagues.
      It is time to show support to people who deserve it.

  22. Cheryl Biggs says:

    Thanks for your insight and honesty!
    I am very sorry to hear of your misfortune. It is a shame!
    Never having participated in CTP, you certainly have reaffirmed my decision not to do so.

    Thanks again,
    Onward & Upward

  23. Hi Cathy,
    I remember Very Well the day you ladies got your badges taken away as I made a comment that day in a Skype room about it… I said the TT boys were acting like 2 year olds throwing a Temper Tantrum… an Hour later I found that I had been Banned from All the TT sites!! Now these are sites that I had belonged to for Far Longer(as an Upgraded Member no less) than TT had been in existence!! I joined CTP the Day they came out & bought the Lifetime as well. I had also just 5 days before bought a Lifetime at Sweeva. I had about 30 members in my CTP downline & Lots more than that in Most of the other sites… Heck I was a Beta Tester for John Guanzon when he owned ThumbVu!! ALL GONE in less than 1 hour. Now I Disputed this with PayPal but Lost because it seems that PP will only settle disputes that have Tangible Items & they Don’t consider Lifetime Upgrades as a Tangible Item… Ok no problem… the reason I disputed it was to try to prevent TT from doing the Same thing to anyone else… That Obviously didn’t work so This is the Next Best Thing… to get the Word out to the People about how TT does business… I was Loyal to All the sites Long before they were TT (Except I Love Hits but only because I was Never a boxing fan so I didn’t join That site till TT came along) now I sent in support tickets Immediately to try to find out what had happened & why I could no longer log in to Any of my TT accounts… I was told at first that “someone” had hacked into my accounts & deleted them… but Only My accounts it seems… and it Wasn’t the support staff of TT that answered my tickets but one of the Owners themselves… well That didn’t make sense to me so I sent in further replies to my tickets and STILL got No Satisfactory answers, which is when I went to PP… I STILL have No Satisfaction from TT but I DO still have all my “Proof”… Screenshots of my Tickets & their replies… Screenshots of the Skype Conversations… even Screenshots of the TOS’s of the various sites, those that Have a TOS that is… did anyone Know that Sweeva didn’t even Have a TOS at the time?? I don’t know if they do Now cause I’m Banned of course. If ANYONE would like to see copies of my Proof they can Skype me at silverdark61 and I will send them the files. I’m Really Sorry that they did this to you yet Again Cathy… believe me I know how you feel… I worked for over 2 years building my downlines & making friends on those sites… I Still have Most of my friends… tho a Few are so in love with TT that they no longer talk to me.
    You HFH Ladies work so hard & do Such a Great Job with your site & For your members… I am a Proud member of HFH and will be for a LONG TIME!!
    Keep up the Great Work Ladies, You didn’t deserve what happened but we will All get through this Temper Tantrum & Hopefully the New People on the Net will be Better informed as to How & Who to do business with.
    Thanks for a Great Post Cathy & for getting the word out about the Business Practices of TimTech… I hope this will help some in making business decisions of their own.
    Patti Barr/SilverDark

    • Catherine says:

      I remember your situation all too clearly.
      I realize you had been a strong supporter and upgraded
      member and you were distraught when your accounts
      were deleted without notice.

      You are correct, all we can do is try to inform others
      so the same situation does not happen to more innocent people.

      Thank you for telling your side of the story.

  24. Mrbillionx says:

    Well what can be said that hasn’t already been said?
    I do feel for everyone that has been “slighted” by these TT guys .

    Well for the most part everyone that knows me knows I am against all forms of collecting badges button stickers and points and such.

    Yet to remove a downline to cheat a person from what they are owed is a new low.

    I don’t know what could possibly be going on in their minds to think this is a great business practice. Are things really getting that bad out there?

    There needs to be some sort of action taken that shows that members can’t
    be pushed around.

    Your money talks people – Start by not using their products and supporting them
    in every way you can imagine.

    I am sure more and more accounts will be deleted as time goes forward.

    I can’t imagine buying a lifetime account anywhere.

    You members made TT and its the same members that can take them down.

    You can use your power and get the word out about their practices.

    Being silent has only helped the problem grow.

    Time is now to take action and save others from this fate!!

    Need help with this ? I am willing to put my own funds on this to help!!

    lets go !!

    • Catherine says:

      Well put Mr. B.,
      If we can save one person from the same fate,
      then this post has been a success.

    • JCBiggs says:

      You have… thank you.

      I am an owner of a TAE and just recently added a sister site to it that is a TE.

      I’ve been carefully weighing out my decisions about how this site will operate and what features it will have. One of the features I was weighing was badges vs. stickers (or both)… which, after a lot of researching led me here.

      The reason behind so much research was due to the fact that I’ve never been a big fan of TT, mainly because I get a sense of arrogance coupled with quite a bit of unprofessionalism when watching their videos. The way they present themselves at times just leaves me a little put off by them and a tad distrustful; personal opinion, but it’s my honest perception. Even so, the populartity of their badges had me wanting to add them to my site, but I wanted to make the right business decision as far as who/what I tie my name to and was still a little skeptical that doing badges would be a good move.

      At the same time, I’ve been doing a lot of reading on James Dias’ blog and paying close attention to those he interacts with and recommends. What I’ve found throughout this newly discovered circle of TE owners is a refreshing sense of humility, professionalism and honesty. There’s a very stark contrast between the two neighborhoods.

      Anyhow, I had already decided to go with adding stickers to my site because I’ve developed a sense of trust in James, but was doing further research on adding both to my site (hey, why not, right?) when I came to this post.

      Long story short (or not really), there’s no way I can invest money in TT badges knowing what I know now, so you’ve definitely saved at least one person from going through what you and your members sadly had to go through. That really was a despicable act on their part and I’m truly sorry for you, your partner and those members whose hard work went to waste. But that was the bad chapter and it looks as though you’re writing a new one with a brighter theme.

      Thank you for this and I wish you and your members nothing but success!

      Chris Biggs

    • Catherine says:

      I am glad the post helped.
      We have moved on past this situation and are concentrating on growing our site to bring the best results for our members.

  25. Rita says:

    Hiya Cathy,
    Im so so sorry to hear of all this. I was much sad too when I heard all the badges were taken away from ALL of us.
    I hve been a member since day1,It has been Awesome surfing at HFH , Ive watched things happen & grow with the site. You ladies ROCK the house down.
    I to had all my badges taken away AND I couldn’t recieve my Commission it had to be used on my acct at CTP or my downline, I had no choice but too SHUT MY ACCOUNT, There is no way I will support a site that gives NOTHING back to thier members.
    Once again Cathy I am so sorry its happened to a lady that gives her whole self out there when dealin with ur members. HUGE HUGS

    • Catherine says:

      I did not know this information.
      I am sure you made an informed decision and I’m sorry
      for your situation.
      Thanks for your support Rita – you Rock.

  26. Cathy,
    When TT deleted all of my accounts with all of their programs, I thought I was the only one. I called and was told they had no idea what I was talking about. Nice to know I wasn’t alone, but sad also that I wasn’t the only one. I’m sorry for what you went thru, and I totally empathise with you.

    • Catherine says:

      I am so sorry this happened to you too.
      Thank you for letting others know it is
      happening to a variety of people, not just us.

  27. DA Riley says:

    We Live…

    We Learn…

    We Move On…

    You gals are stars, don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise
    or let anything get in your way to continue shining!


    • Catherine says:

      Ahh Thanks DA,
      We had a lot of support from the TE Community
      which made it much easier to take.
      Now it is time we try to help others.

  28. Cathy and Jolynn. two great gals that i have a massive amount of time for and really admire what they have done with Hot Flash Hits even through the problems bestoyed upon them by others.

    It is clear that a certain business has some sort of mad belief that the right of choice is not acceptable, this leads me to believe that dictatorship is paramount with regard to this situation. I still live in a democracy myself and have been working on the net for a long time on and off and have come on similar situations in the past and more than likely will come on them again in the future.

    The right to support other’s with their online business also carriers consequences when it comes to certain situations and alot of people may not beware that at the same time the badges were taken from Hot Flash Hits alot of the top badge collectors there mysteriously had issues with their CTP accounts and getting connected to Tim Tech sites this whole situation went on for over two weeks coincidence or making those that were out spoken supporters of Hot Flash Hits suffer you can make up your own mind on that.

    With regard to the issue with the downline been removed this seems to be deliberate and going on the response, it again seems that there was some targeting action going on here.

    All in all i will continue to support HFH as best i can and urge those that are reading this whole story and the comments connected to it to keep in mind that these are real people who have worked hard on their business and from my point of view do not deserve what has happened to them.

    This probably will not be the end of this story as i am expecting to see more people come to the forefront with their own stories.

    Cathy and Jolynn no matter what life throws at you be it online or offline there still are plenty of decent people out there that will be there for you, your business will continue to grow and don’t let those that are of the belief that they are the” be all and end all of the TE world ” get you down in any shape or form, life will still go on and those that are honest and upfront will always win out in the long run.

    • Catherine says:

      Thank you sir.
      We have had an outpouring of support from other owners and very loyal members.
      We are honored to work in this industry and we are looking forward to growing
      strong and serving our members well in to the future.
      It is honest hard working members/owners like you who make it
      a pleasure to work online.
      Thank you for your support and the respect is mutual.

  29. Larry Duke says:

    I had no idea what had been going on,now that I know I am canceling all my memberships at TT Sites effective immediately.

    I have enjoyed my time spent surfing here at HFH and collecting stickers and will continue to do so to h*** with those nerds.

    • Catherine says:

      There are many members/surfers who do not know the truth.
      After watching this happen to many people we know,
      we felt it was time to tell the facts.
      It is our sole intention to make members aware so they can make informed business decisions.
      Thanks for your support.

  30. Bluebaby says:

    I always had an odd feeling when I saw ads for the TT sites. Don’t know why, just did. Now I feel better knowing my gut was ruling my brain this time, lol. My gut feeling was not to join them, brain followed. (this doesn’t always happen this way for me, brain usually rules)

    Now really, I gotta go find a ref link for HFH. I don’t have a lot of clicking time as I have a fulltime offline JOB. But I will be proud to be a member of this site.(gut always wanted to join anyway but brain kept saying not enough time!)

    Keep up the great work ladies and don’t let bullies run you down.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Bluebaby,
      As an online marketer, sometimes it is hard to pick a choose which programs to put your trust in to. A gut feeling is usually a good indication or barometer of your inner self. If you don’t feel good about it, don’t join and don’t promote it.
      Thanks for stopping by :)

  31. Rina Van Der Berg says:

    Thank you so much for this warning, we don’t need guys like these around
    thats for sure.
    I’ve been with Hot Flash Hits from the start and would just like to thank
    you both for the wonderful site.
    Use this bad experience as a stepping stone to a bigger and better future.
    Keep up the great work!

    • Catherine says:

      We aren’t going anywhere. It is our goal to keep growing and providing quality services to our members.
      Thank you for all your support.

  32. John Bell says:

    When someone says ‘this is what you have to do’ there’s generally an ulterior motive behind it. You simply can’t trust people with a my way or the high way attitude.

    • Catherine says:

      I was taken aback when I was told a friend of mine could not attend our TE AfterDark conference in the hosted room. I wasn’t even trying to get her back in good graces but just given the ability to attend our one conference. I was told flat out NO. I’m sorry but I will not be told who I can or can not associate with.

  33. Wow, I’ve been away from some of this too long. I popped into chat attic today and got a few blog links, and now I need to towel off. lol. Who said controversy in the TE world is dead? I’m just glad to be an objective observer nowadays. I’ll help you build your Lcp, you decide where you advertise it. :)

  34. Doug says:

    I will be condemned no matter what I say here- by one side or another- and to me that is the problem.

    We need more who will just think about helping their members get signups/sales/etc- the things that ALL TE’s used to talk about-Conversions. I read 40 or more TE Owners mail daily and all the talk is about stickers-badges-collecting-prizes-etc etc.

    It is not the fault of most Owners- most Owners today are the Product of Brain Washing by a few Older Owners who took us from being Traffic Exchanges Advertising for our Members to Surfers Entertainment Programs. It is easier to entertain then to teach-and it is hard to teach when you have no idea yourself how to do it.

    Thankfully there is room for both- but all those who go WTG to TimTech to their face and then Vote their real feelings should become less fearful and follow Cathy in telling the truth.

    Om Jan 31 2011 I too joined CTP- I looked it over then I deleted my account and I wrote a warning for others to stay away, as it had no value at all except to line TimTech pockets.

    Making money Promoting a product is not teaching people how to make money-
    There is nothing wrong with a Program Owner promoting their own programs- but doing so by such cartoonist and incomplete methods is -to my mind-almost criminal-and as an ex criminal I know it well :)

    -CTP does not teach anything that isn’t free elsewhere
    Like I said- I will get slammed by both sides- but that o\is something we all need to be willing to do-be ourselves and run your TE ‘s the way YOU think is best -not be influenced by groups that have their own hidden agenda’s.

    Tips- surfing for the sake of numbers is not needed and is actually harmful- more hits no longer means more results.

    Doing Surf Promo’s in hope of building memberships is not and never will be successful.

    Getting endorsed and pumped by the likes of TimTech or the Puddy group at Launch is the worst thing that can happen to a Owner.

    The vast majority of members you get from such promotions are not going to be there day in day out. Owners go from Elation to sudden depression two weeks later when the launch support is gone and 98% of the members become Inactive

    Sorry- this is not the place for me to be venting -sorry Cathy- just wanted to congratulate you on having the courage to tell the truth.

    • Catherine says:

      Doug – you are a passionate owner and I commend you for that.
      You said – “run your TE ‘s the way YOU think is best -not be influenced by groups”
      This is exactly what Jolynn and I have been trying to do from day one.

      It is not my personality to bash others but I am no longer going to remain silent when I have constantly witnessed people I know and care about get hurt.

      I, also, agree with your statement – “Owners go from Elation to sudden depression two weeks later when the launch support is gone and 98% of the members become Inactive”
      Eyes need to be opened in this industry – it about producing results for our members not producing numbers which create the illusion of activity.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • John Bell says:

      Excellent post Doug, you really hit it on the head with this, nothing to add.

  35. My Heart goes out to All who were USED and Taken
    advantage of by TimTech.

    I was one too, as well as MANY, Many members
    of Smileytraffic.

    Many of you are probably on the Tetoolbox Central Banned
    List now to Try and hinder signups to your businesses and
    using other exchanges Against you without the owner’s

    Lifetime Upgrade Deletions they did not just Steal Your
    Money, but All Future Commissions from Your Sweat and
    Promotion money to get Downlines, goes in Their Pocket.

    Pay Me, Promote Your Behinds Off, Make Me Successful,
    Make Me Even More Money, Then Kick You to the curb
    and take 2-4 years of your life and you get $0.00

    No wonder I just read they were dumping a Huge
    amount of money into their new site for promoting it.
    Of course, If that is Even True.

    As an owner, I feel it is OUR Obligation to make Newbies
    aware of those that will lure them into leaving them Nothing.

    HYIP’s, Gambling, you know before entering.
    This is KNOW, LIKE, TRUST, BRANDED, screwing people.
    Using Religion and Babies, when Convenient for Greed.

    For Years, it use to be members with no power, now the
    Using and Abuse has Escalated to Many Traffic Exchange
    Members Flocked to SmileyTraffic, I read their e-mails,
    they had a VOICE through me and Exploded us in signups.
    Supporting Each other is a Magical Thing!

    Why is TimTech Banned from SmileyTraffic?
    Because it is the Right thing to do for Members I Care About.

    • Catherine says:

      As I came in to the industry as a complete newbie, I only heard rumors of the “evil” Vern from Smiley Traffic. So without first hand knowledge I stayed away on the recommendations of people I thought knew more than me.
      Then, my business partner and I launched a traffic exchange. Months after operating the exchange we found out Smiley Traffic was banned from being advertised on our site. How did this happen? We didn’t do it. Unbeknownst to us there was a central ban from the owner of the site checker we were using. We had to go in and manually allow Smiley Traffic to be advertised on our site. These are just some of the things which go on behind the scenes that the members never see or know about. Basically a form of censorship of what can be advertised where?

      Like you, Vern, we care about our members. It is time for us to be a more vocal voice in an industry I am proud to be a part of and want to see grow stronger.

    • Standing On Hind Legs, with a Voice.

      Is what Members Look for in TRUST.

      Not who You are Buddies with.
      A Do nothing, but basically exist.

      Many exchanges TODAY, just FOLLOW,
      and their Memberbase shows it.

      They Squeeze one out, but Never get off the pot.

      Being a Traffic Exchange Owner!
      You Must Be A Leader!

    • Catherine says:

      Listen – Learn –
      These are the things we have done over the last year after becoming a TE owner. Now we will listen to our members and try to provide them with a solid, growing advertising resource.

      We hope to have a voice – the voice of our members!

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