Take Advantage of Free Training

Free Training Is AvailableFree Training is Available

If you search online, you will find there is free training available in a variety of places.  I believe it is advantageous to participate in as much free training as you can fit in to your schedule.  Much of this free training is being brought to you by 6 figure income earners.  When Gary Vaynerchuk, author, video blogger, wine guru, was asked why he shared valuable tips and business information, his response was “Because most people will never act on the information”.  Business people, like Gary Vaynerchuk, openly share business concepts and valuable information on a daily basis with different free training methods.

Schedule Free Training In To Your Week

In a previous post, “Are You Taking Daily Action Steps”, we discussed the value of setting up a daily schedule.  It is important to add training in to your schedule.  With all the free training available, you could be attending some sort of training every hour of the day.  You need to selectively  choose which free training you wish to attend and add it to your weekly schedule.

Use Free Training From A Variety Of People

There is a vast amount of free training available.  You can find millionaires like Gary Vaynerchuk, to some one just starting out and opening their first online business, openly discussing what it takes to succeed.  You can find specific trainings on individual items from “How to set up an auto responder campaign” to “the correct way to use Twitter for business”.  I believe you can learn from a variety of people.  You can learn what to do and you can learn what NOT to do.  Just attend these free training events and listen to the information.   Here is a list of scheduled training events which I participate in weekly.  Free Training List

Free training is available at all hours of the day and night.  Search it out.  Take advantage of free training events to help you improve your business skills.



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14 Responses to Take Advantage of Free Training

  1. Free training is available to all of us and if we are not using it, our road to success will take much longer. I learn something new everyday because internet marketing changes daily… Thanks for a great post!

  2. James Dias says:

    I am a huge fan of learning everyday-

    You also hit a nerve with gary v as I have had the time to ask him a few questions 1on 1 and it was awesome the guy while he less filter than most is tapped in to the social media stream

    and cathy I am in need to learn the art of many other topics I dont ever want to close off a chance to learn and feed my brain.

    Great post you Rock


  3. Sam Burgess says:

    Great Article Cathy! A person never knows who or where they will hear or pick up that missing little nugget that will turn their life or business around. I salute you ladies for searching for those nuggets so that others may be exposed to them.
    Sam and Deb
    Mabank, Texas

  4. Jolynn Moss says:

    I agree 100% with getting as much training as possible. No matter how long you’ve been in online marketing whether as an affiliate marketer, TE owner, or just running your own business, it is always good to keep learning. You can get a different perspective from others that you might not have thought of. It is amazing how much free training is out there.
    “Let the views of others educate and inform you, but let your decisions be a product of your own conclusions.” ~ Jim Rohn

  5. Marie says:

    Free training is valuable to all of us. Its a great way to learn what you can do to further your business in ways you might not have realized I learn new things all the time by just listening to many of the webinars that are available weekly

    BTW James & Gary V was priceless I still laugh about that night

  6. one can never get enough free information and help and webinars are one of the great places to find lots of information.

  7. Drew says:

    Free training is great. So many people say, I can’t or won’t pay that much. OK this is free, now why don’t people go? Either people know everything or are lazy, since I do not everything I will attend whenever possible. What grows my business more? one conference or one American Idol episode? Crazy thought just might learn something valuable today. practice and training the key to success in anything.

    • Drew – I love it, you are funny guy. “one conference or one American Idol episode?”
      It certainly lets you know where the priorities are with people.
      Illinois Rocks!

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